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Servicing the City of Doral, FL

Meet the People, Who Install or Fix Your Air Conditioner Whenever You Need It!

During the last 15 years we’ve been in business, our work principles have not changed!

We’ve always been dedicated to accomplishing 3 critical milestones in each servicing we do, such as:

  • Excellent Quality
  • Diligent Timing
  • Fair Pricing

Also, we always aim for keeping a good mark in:

  • The range of air conditioner services we provide.
  • The range of additional related servicing (such as thermostat installing, whole-house air purifier, duct cleaning and so on)

Meet the Team

Roman Rodriguez

Senior Specialist


Roman is a person with dedication to achieve excellence, proven performance, and enthusiasm for meeting and exceeding client customer needs.
He can do repairs, maintenance, and installations of air conditioning systems. Diagnosis of cooling systems malfunction, isolate the problems and verify failure troubleshooting. Also, he fabricates, assembles ducts, uses metalworking tools and welding equipment.
Roman is a skilled mechanical contractor with an extensive track record, more than 20 years of experience in the air conditioning industry.

Fabio Parente


Customer Service &

Office Manager


While Fabio is our in-house sales support of our staff, his expertise within the sales, marketing, administration and accounting systems are simply priceless for our company. Previously working at a Florida-based charter jet company, Fabio knows everything about customer service. He always keeps in mind that due to the sensitive nature involved with many client support positions, is extremely important the ability to maintain trust, discretion, and confidentiality along with honesty and knowledge. He use to think that all of this are the key to gain and keep loyal customers for ever.

What Makes Our Company Different & Better?



While we’re definitely not the biggest company in the US, we proudly cover the City of Doral in South Florida with more air conditioning related works and repairs than anyone else in the business!



All members of our qualified team have a vast experience, profound skills, and an immediate urge to fix and install any air conditioner within their sight! Our team can do anything!



Providing such a wide range of air conditioning, thermostats and air quality related services as we do requires a solid amount of professional knowledge and equipment at hand!



We’re located not on the Wall street, but rather in a vicinity part of Miami. That is why having a price range that is fair and affordable for any working family or business is our goal!

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